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    Get Styled by Vonda Dennis, Personal Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant

      What is up guys?! I am so excited to introduce you to Los Angeles based, and incredibly talented Personal Fashion Stylist, Vonda Dennis. Vonda has an amazing Eye for detail, and coupled with her natural abilities and expertise, each one of her clients feel and look absolutely fabulous every time! One of a kind, timeless, elegant, professional, classy, glamorous, are words I would personally use to describe Vonda and her personal style. As a client of Vonda’s, you are sure to have an improved wardrobe, boosted confidence, and have everyone admiring YOU!  Committed to creating individual and signature style for her clients that will look “Effortless” as well as…

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    Abella Eyewear

    What’s up guys?! I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all that I have recently partenered with an awesome eyewear line called Abella Eyewear! Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourselves and I’m sure you will fall in love with their styles just as I have!  I love my readers so much, that I am giving you guys a pretty incredible 30% off discount on your very own pair of Abella Eyewear shades! #ThankMeLater 😉 Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Oh yeah, click the link below to be directed to their…

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    The Perfect Fit

    What’s up guys?!  So, these days are getting HOT, right?! Well, at least in California it is. The heat of course has me thinking about vacations, pool parties, hanging out by the  water at the beach, and everything else in between. As women (you pre teens and teens included), we constantly struggle to find the perfect style or fit for our specific body types … am I right, or is that just me?? 😉 We often find ourselves thinking (or saying out loud) that we might not be able to pull off this high waisted skinny jean, or that sexy strappy top.  When it comes to swimwear, it gets even…

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  • All Things Bridal

    How I Chose My Bridal Party

    What’s up guys?! Before I got engaged, I was so sure choosing my Bridal Party would be the easiest piece of wedding planning… But boy was I wrong! I have a good amount of women who have always been there for me, and deserve to be honored in my wedding. Selecting those who will stand by my side wasn’t the hard part, it was choosing only 1 Maid of Honor and 1 Matron of Honor. Then again, who said it HAD to be 1? For my wedding, I decided it was best to have 2 Matrons Of Honor, 2 Maids Of Honor, and 5 Bridesmaids. Doing so, made it less…

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  • Mom Life

    The Best Life!

    What’s up guys!  When I look back on my life, it is hard to imagine what it was before babies. I first became a Mom in December 2014 to our beautiful daughter, and again in March 2016 to our handsome son.  I always say to myself, I wouldn’t change my children for the world, but I wish I could change the world for my children.  Living the Mom Life is the absolute BEST Life! xoxo,  The Happy Wife

  • Wife Life

    Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture!

    What’s up guys?! Ok, let’s be real… We use our smart phones for any and every thing! That’s right, our phones can do EVERYTHING, including printing photos from it if we wanted. However, often times, life and work get in the way. Then of course we somehow never get around to printing all of those cute pictures from the birthday or holiday party. Personally, I am SO GLAD that Polaroid cameras have made a comeback! There is something to be said about the sentimental value of a printed photo. Not to brag or anything… (well maybe a little 😉 ) My soon to be Hubby did amazing for Christmas 2017,…

  • Goal Digger


    What’s up guys?! I have always been someone who is self motivated and goal oriented.  These characteristics have allowed me to excel in my retail career very quickly.  I went from starting my first retail job in 2010 as a Seasonal Associate, to joining the leadership team as a Merchandising and Visual Manager 1 year later.  Now 8 years into working with the same company I can say I have been invited to work with the visual team at the company headquarters multiple times. I styled and I merchandised. Having my work and creativity documented, photographed, and sent out fleetwide. Meaning, my work was sent out to all of the…

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    So Basic!

    What’s up guys?! Without skipping ahead, what do the following items have in common?? The Fitted Tank, The White Tee, The Graphic Tee, The Boyfriend Cardigan, The Blazer,  The Denim Jacket, The Little Black Dress,  The High Waisted Short,  The Skinny Jean,  The Distressed Boyfriend Jean, The Pointed Toe Heel,  The Ankle Bootie… and the list goes ON!  The above, is just a short list of a few basic closet staples every girl should have!! When you have basics, you have classic pieces and endless possibilities. You can wear basic pieces, without wearing a basic outfit. It’s all about your style. Fashion never fades, and your style is what makes…


    Hey Coffee Lovers!

    What’s up guys?! Let’s get right to the important stuff… do you prefer your coffee hot or cold? 😉 Do you drink it black? Do you need lots of creamer and loads of sugar?    Personally, I always need HOT coffee (just a little half and half, no sugar) in the morning and sometimes after lunch…. yes, even on hot summer days! Once in a blue moon, I’ll spring for an Iced Coffee with Cream and Sweetener from Starbucks, but that is where my cold coffee adventure ends. Like I needed another reason to love coffee, I once read somewhere that coffee is a good antioxidant 😉  What drink should…

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  • Subscription Boxes

    The Bootay Bag!

    What’s up guys?! When it comes to subscription boxes… I am a HUGE FAN! Who knew there was one for underwear,  right? The Bootay Bag lets you choose between one of two styles, or a mix of the two styles each month for only $13/month! You’ll automatically receive 2 pairs month to month, Or you can choose to receive just 1 pair for only $7/month. I personally chose to ‘mix it up’. Each month, you can also choose to add on a super cute bralette! I love that you can make any adjustments prior to the 15th of every month including whether you’d like to continue or cancel. Worried you…