Goal Digger


What’s up guys?!

I have always been someone who is self motivated and goal oriented. 

These characteristics have allowed me to excel in my retail career very quickly. 

I went from starting my first retail job in 2010 as a Seasonal Associate, to joining the leadership team as a Merchandising and Visual Manager 1 year later. 

Now 8 years into working with the same company I can say I have been invited to work with the visual team at the company headquarters multiple times.

I styled and I merchandised. Having my work and creativity documented, photographed, and sent out fleetwide. Meaning, my work was sent out to all of the stores throughout the US for them to recreate. 

My next goal in life is for my fiancé and I to purchase our first home together for our family within the next year. 

Having SMART goals are very important. So what are your short term goals? 


The Happy Wife