The Perfect Fit

What’s up guys?! 

So, these days are getting HOT, right?! Well, at least in California it is.

The heat of course has me thinking about vacations, pool parties, hanging out by the  water at the beach, and everything else in between.

As women (you pre teens and teens included), we constantly struggle to find the perfect style or fit for our specific body types … am I right, or is that just me?? 😉

We often find ourselves thinking (or saying out loud) that we might not be able to pull off this high waisted skinny jean, or that sexy strappy top. 

When it comes to swimwear, it gets even more tricky. Personally, I LOVE every single swimsuit when I see it pictured on a model, BUT of course when I try it on, it looks COMPLETELY different and I quickly decide it’s not that cute anymore! 

The struggle to find the perfect swimsuit is REAL! 

Here’s a challenge, click the “what’s the best swimsuit for your body type?” link below. Select your body type, and find an array of swimsuits that will look great on YOU based on YOUR specific body type! 

My body type: Athletic

My Swimsuit Styles include: Low Rise (cheeky) Bottoms, Tops with Straps, and some One Pieces. None of my styles shown were strapless. Few styles had Ruffle Tops and/or Ruffle Bottoms. 

I hope you’ll come back and share with me what style you found that works best with you, just drop it in the comments below! 

PS. They have some crazy cute styles AND SO MUCH MORE… don’t be surprised if you want everything, because I definitely do 😉

Until next time guys, 


The Happy Wife

What’s the best suit for your body type?